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Why You Can Wear A Romper

Posted on April 01 2016

Last week on Instagram, I shared a new arrival - our Jessica Jumper- and asked women what their hesitations were about wearing jumpers/rompers. I wasn't surprised at the responses because I myself was hesitant to jump on the boat. But I'm here today to dismiss your excuses and show you why you can wear a romper/jumper and how it can work for you. [embed][/embed] I know, this video is so professional right? Haha. We are working on starting a weekly series that is going to help educate women on dressing for their body type and so this is where we decided to start. If you ever have questions or concerns about wearing a particular item in our shop, please please please contact me! I'm dead serious. Let's Skype, email, text, whatever you need and I'll help you. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in what they're wearing and I want you to know that you aren't limited! It's just a matter of understanding your body, and how something can work for you! Remember, here's why you can wear a romper- specifically The Jessica Jumper:
  1. It has a distracting pattern for those of you who are concerned about the booty area
  2. It has a cinched pant leg that works to fit different heights
  3. It has a tie at the natural waist, highlighting the smallest part of your body
  4. It has a long v-neck to slenderize, and create an illusion of length/height.
Now that you're feeling confident you can totally pull this adorable outfit off, check out more images of our Jessica Jumper here! Love your guts!


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