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Why Peplums Are for Everyone

Posted on June 17 2016

Peplums. Sounds like a cross between two delicious and nutritious produce varieties. But it's actually a very cute article of clothing that everyone looks good in - even you. Don't think so? Here's some good news: Science has proven that you can pull off a peplum! Well, ok. Technically "Science" hasn't proven that everyone can pull off a peplum, because over at "science" they're busy with cancer, space exploration, and the zika virus. But because I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in English, you can go ahead and quote this article as scientific research to all your gal pals, or your man who insists peplums are for women who can't move past the 80's.


80's peplums for women


How to Wear a Peplum

So you want to dive into the frilly world of cute, fashionable peplum tops, but aren't sure if your body type works? Never fear! Literally anyone can wear peplum and make it look good. If you're wondering how to pull off a modern-day peplum, here are some helpful tips and examples straight from the shop: First up, the Leah Lavender Peplum 


Peplums are a lot of things, but they are first and foremost simple and sweet. With today's trends heading in the direction of cute & comfy, peplums don't have to be so form fitting anymore.

Isn't this top amazing? Loose in all the right places but slightly more fitted around the waistline for a perfectly feminine look. The model here is killing it in this peplum - but does she have a secret muffin top? Did she just give birth three weeks ago? Is there a hair tie pulled through the button hole of her pants, hanging on to the button and giving her a couple extra inches of waistband? No one can know! Keep kicking back that box of Milk Duds because with this adorable, generous and flowy top, you can feel comfortable in a not-yet-beach-ready body all summer long. *I'm sure this model is in the best shape of her life, these are my own personal struggles example. Next, the Lily Peplum Top 


Haven't you been looking for a perfect white shirt like this forever? A dolled up white top is an essential staple in any wardrobe. And when we're talking about wardrobe staples, nothing fits the bill quite like a peplum. They're so versatile! They look good on every body type! Wear it with blue jeans, moto jeggings, or a pencil skirt! 



This particular peplum top has an added bonus - the gorgeous sleeve tie detail. Can you literally even? Because I sure can't. Lastly, we have the Nora Navy Peplum. 


If you're like me, and you're trying to hide some of your post-partum waistline girth, then you're also going to want a top that is breastfeeding friendly. Well ladies, I give you this stunning blue beauty. The button detail up top - those are real buttons, deary. And not only are they super functional for nursing mamas, they add personality.


Any body size could pull this off, as this top draws attention to all the right places. The line at the waist complements all body types alike, while the subtle flare adds softness and enough coverage for every pair of hips. Plus girl, navy blue is your color! It's true. I dare you to try and find a skin type this blue doesn't work with. If you want to know what your color is, read this. Anyone can pull off a peplum. The trick is to experiment a bit with style. It's possible that not everyone can pull off the standard, skin-tight solid peplum of days of old - and that's why variety is the spice of life. Even if you're still doubtful, you owe it to your cute bod to give peplums a try. Head on over to the shop to see even more styles and colors! A peplum is going to look so good on you.


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