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What Is Maskcara Makeup?

Posted on January 19 2017

A few days ago, we posted on Instagram about becoming an Independent Artist/Seller for Maskcara Makeup. 

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I have been using Cara's makeup (the owner of the company) for over 2 years and am HOOKED! 

When this opportunity arose, I couldn't say no and I couldn't wait to share it with all of you. Her mantra is all about enhancing natural beauty and building confidence with a fast and easy, all-in-one makeup routine. It literally takes me all of 5 minutes to put my face together (now that I've got it down) and I feel like a rockstar when I look in the mirror. 


So, What is Maskcara Makeup?

How To Apply Maskcara Makeup

Maskcara makeup was designed to help women have a simple beauty routine while enhancing their natural features. Her focus is on "HAC"ing (highlighting and contouring) your face in the right way. 

She offers a beautiful pallet with refillable singles that are far worth the price and will have you swearing you'll never use another makeup kit for as long as you live. 

Here's what you can create in your pallet: 

Highlight: Use as your foundation to highlight the key parts of your face

Contour: Use like a bronzer, on your cheek bones, and around the outer parts of your face

Blush: Use on the apples of your cheeks

Illuminator: Meant to make those gorgeous structural parts of your face shine

She also offers the most amazing colored eyeshadows that comes in sizes much better than retail stores. I've had mine for a year, and I'm still going strong. 

Before & Afters


Maskcara Makeup - Before and After

How Is It Different?

There's a few reasons why Maskcara stands apart from the rest (and believe me I've tried just about every makeup line from generic to professional brand)... 

1. Everything you need is combined into one simple pallet with refillable (magnetic) containers.

2. You won't find another line that sells the perfect shades like Maskcara - I kid you not, for years I've struggled to find a brand that carried the perfect shade of foundation for my pale skin, and the right kind of contour that doesn't make me look orange, or look like I'm dead. Cara herself has spent hours perfecting these colors to work for EVERY skin color and I've yet to find someone who says it hasn't worked for them

3. Although highlighting and contouring like the movie stars do sounds intimidating, it is far from complex. Anyone and everyone can learn these basic techniques to create a lasting, beautiful 5 minute face. 

4. It isn't heavy. It might sound like using a HAC kit will make you look overdone and heavy with makeup, but it simply does not. Again, Cara is all about enhancing natural beauty and NOT about slathering it on your face. 

What Makeup Is Offered?

Believe it or not, Maskcara doesn't actually sell mascara...yet! She's working on the perfect recipe as I type and will hopefully be releasing it in the near future. 

Maskcara offers the following in various shades and colors: 

Highlighter: This will be used as your foundation

Contour: Used like a bronzer (in the right places) 

Blush: Comes in varying colors 

Illuminator: Highlighting and accenting the structural parts of your face. Also comes in different shades

Powder: Setting powder for a softer finish

Eyeshadow: So many beautiful, eye popping colors to choose from 

Brushes: Oh the brushes! My favorites are the 30 second HAC brush, and the Eyeshadow brush. I don't travel without them 

Compacts: The cutest compacts to fit all of your makeup routine inside of 

Moisturizer: The milk moisturizer is my daily go to- its natural ingredients do their job well 


Maskcara Kits

How Do I Know What Colors to Purchase?

If you're wanting to dab into this new makeup line but you're not sure which colors to buy, shoot us an email at with a straight on, makeup-less picture of your face and we will help you determine what colors will work best with your skin tone.

How Do I Apply the Makeup?

We will certainly be posting more about this, and so we've created a separate Instagram for all of you who are genuinely interested in learning more. Follow us here

There's also an awesome video you can watch of Cara demonstrating how to apply the makeup - click the image below to view it! 


How To Apply Maskcara Makeup

Can I Sell Maskcara Makeup Too? 

Yes! Absolutely! We are looking to build a fun, energetic team of women who love to help others look and feel their best. If you're interested in learning more, click here, and select "Become An Artist". You can throw parties, and let all of your friends try the makeup first before buying. It's a fun way to get to know people and make some good money as well! Believe me when I say this stuff sells itself! 

If you're convinced, like we are - BUY IT HERE!

Maskcara Independent Artist


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