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What Colors Look Best On Me?

Posted on November 24 2015

I'm sure you have asked yourself before, "what colors look best on me?" And you may have even wondered why only certain colors do or don't...

That's because according to the Seasonal Color Analysis (Found in the book Color Me Beautiful written by Carole Jackson)- our skin tones, hair coloring, eye color, can actually be categorized into a "season of color" meaning we look good in spring, summer, autumn, or winter colors. 

I remember as a little girl attending some modeling workshops with my mom (yes, she was a model, no I am not haha) and the very first thing that we did was learn about what colors look best on us. I don't know why my little brain has always remembered this, but I've known for years that cool or winter colors look best with pale skin, dark gray/blue eyes, and dark brown hair. So, I know for a fact that warm yellow, reds, or orange colors look horrid on me. They make me appear even more washed out and sometimes give me a sickly look. Isn't it amazing how even the clothing we wear can affect whether we look well or sickly?

Today, I want to teach you about which season you fall under according to your natural colors. Once you know your seasonal color, you'll know which colors are going to add to your natural beauty. By knowing your season, not only will you know which colors to wear, but you'll also notice you won't feel the need to wear as much makeup, your skin/hair will glow more, etc... 

If you are: 

SPRING - Spring colors look best on you if your natural coloring is as follows:

Eyes- light brown, green, hazel, light blue, or turqoise

Hair- strawberry blonde, light blonde, light brown, or any kind of reddish color with gold or red/orange undertones

Skin- you have light colored skin with peach undertones in your cheeks, or have a warm overall look

Colors that will look best on you

SUMMER - Summer colors look best on you if your natural coloring is as follows:

Eyes- slate, blue, cool green, dark hazel, grey-brown or blue

Hair- edium brown or a lighter blonde, with ashy undertones

Skin- not much of a contrast between your hair and skin, have cooler undertones, and your cheeks may turn a rosy color when you blush

Colors that will look best on you:

AUTUMN - Autumn colors look best on you if your natural coloring is as follows:

Eyes- medium to a blackish brown, dark hazel, olive, or a warmer green

Hair- medium to dark brown/black, or a rich darker red with gold/red undertones 

Skin- A rich darker color all around with golden undertones, not much contrast between your hair, skin, or eyes

Colors that will look best on you:

WINTER - Winter colors look best on you if your natural coloring is as follows:

Eyes- cool green, grey-blue, medium/dark brown

Hair- Ashy medium brown to dark brownish/black with ashy cool undertones

Skin- cool, pale, or olive undertones, with a high contrast between the hair, eyes, and skin all over 

Colors that will look best on you:

There is so much more to learn about your seasonal color and how to dress it. But these are just the basics. If you are interested in finding out what your color is, you can take a color test online- there are quite a few out there- however, I wasn't able to find one that I absolutely loved or that was 100% accurate. So, if you don't have any luck online but want to know- you can send me a headshot of yourself without makeup on to, and I'd be happy to direct you to your true color. Good luck, ladies! :)


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