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Welcome to Paige Avenue

Posted on November 02 2015

Who We Are

Hello, and welcome to our lovely little store! My name is Paige and my husband is Cameron. We have the most adorable little boy, Mack, and are currently journeying towards dental school (well, my husband is at least). I'm grateful I have such a loving, supportive husband who has sat by me through the late nights and teary eyes to bring this company to fruition. I have big, big plans for this store- and I want you to know it's going to be so much more than just clothes. I'm on a mission to influence others for good, and bring some positivity to this world! Yes, I know I'm small, but if I only help one person with this company, then I have succeeded. Please read more about how Paige Avenue started, and what our mission is below...

How Paige Avenue Came To Life

As my three-year-old self would say, “I feel much more beautiful when I look good.” Now, isn’t that the truth? I started Paige Avenue for a variety of reasons, one of them being to help you look and feel your best. But that isn’t the only reason. After attempting a few other business ideas, and even trying to give up my love for entrepreneurship altogether, I finally found a way with Paige Avenue to incorporate everything my little beating heart is passionate about: fashion, confidence, business, marketing, and giving back.

I've learned that fashion doesn't have to be synonymous with vanity, and that it can be so much more than just being trendy, or in style. Fashion can be an avenue for confidence. My grandma always used to tell me, “We get ready each morning to look our best, so when we leave the house we can focus on the rest.” By “rest” my grandma wasn’t necessarily referring to the endless daily to-do lists, her version of “rest” meant focusing on others. And that’s exactly the kind of confidence I want to instill into my audience. I want to offer you a place where you can find fashionable staple items that will boost your confidence and leave you feeling empowered. I want you to be able to look in the mirror each day and think, “wow, I feel much more beautiful when I look good,” and then take that out into the world to help, lift, and inspire others. We don’t wear stylish clothing to fill our vanity cup, we wear stylish clothing so we can take our mind off ourselves.

Paige Avenue's Mission

Our Mission with Paige Avenue is three-fold.

1. Provide you with high-quality, modest, and fashionably unique clothing that you can't find in a regular retail store.

2. Educate you on how to dress for your body type, skin color, etc to help boost your confidence and give you courage to try new things.

3. Inspire you to be a better you through service and uplifting giveaways.

Some ways we plan to do this are by: Incorporating a positive word that we want you to apply into your daily lives each month. Whenever you do something with that word, we want you to tag us in your post on Instagram: @paigeaveneushop and Facebook: and use the hashtags, #positiveavenue and #paigeavenueshop. For every one that applies this positive attribute and submits an entry via social media, or shares their story via email will be entered in to win our monthly giveaway.

Eventually, as we continue to grow we will offer more incentives to build your confidence and do good in the world- so be sure to follow us to keep up!


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