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Paige Avenue RELAUNCH: What's New?

Posted on August 10 2017

Hey everyone - first off we love your guts. And we are so grateful we have such supportive customers! We are so dang excited to introduce to you our official Relaunch!

Why the Relaunch?

Summer is typically the slowest in retail because everyone is out and about enjoying time with friends and family - and hey I can't blame any of you. So, we figured this would be the perfect time to implement some changes we've been wanting to for quite some time. Plus, it's nice to step back a bit and look at what you really have, take a break, and come back with fresh eyes! 

So....What's New?

You might be wondering what all the fuss was about on Instagram right? Well, here's what's changed:

New Website

We've updated our website to be a little more blog friendly and just all around attractive.

New Logo


Paige Avenue Logo

We've also changed our logo to reflect a style that is more true to our brand. 


We chose a variation of the fern leaf as our symbol because it actually represents giving health, wealth, and confidence to those around you - in addition to love (let's hear it for all my "How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days" fans). The second I saw that I knew it was it.

New Slogan

We've also updated our slogan to better fit the personality of me, Paige - and what I want so badly to portray with our company. If you've read the About Me section you know the story of what I said to my grandma as a 3-year-old little girl

"because I feel much more beautiful when I look good."

Now, ain't that the truth. However, there's so much more behind that. When I look good, I feel good. And when I feel good - I can't help but share a smile, or find ways to help others throughout my day. Kindness is always in style. And there's nothing wrong with lookin' cute while you're out being kind to others. 

Collaboration Tab

For a long time, we took a break from collaborations because we wanted to find a way we could share our style with others but in a more genuine, authentic way. We will now only be accepting unsponsored collabs with bloggers that we feel represent Paige Avenue in the best way! We are so excited to work with you talented bloggers you! 

And now for the best part...


This is certainly the most exciting news for us here at Paige Avenue. We are slowly going to be integrating handmade/custom designs into our store that for now will be made to order. It doesn't get more unique than that. Another blog post on this news will be coming real soon. 

In Conclusion

Thanks for sticking around you guys. Like I said, we really do love you. And know that we would not be where we are without you! We hope you love all the new changes as much as we do! 



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