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Our New Monthly Series: Honoring the Hero in the Everyday Woman

Posted on February 03 2016

*Click here to fill out a Nomination Form* When I decided to start this company, one of the monumental reasons behind it was my desire to give back to the everyday woman. There are so many amazing charities and corporations out there who have made large impacts all around the world. Literally. But, I am just one tiny person who wants to make a difference one heart at a time. The great thing about the definition of an everyday woman is that it applies to just about anyone! Maybe this woman has recently lost a loved one, or a child. Maybe she is struggling financially, or cannot find a job. It could be that she has just overcome an addiction or is pushing through one. Maybe she is pursuing her dreams and struggles with opposition from friends and family. Or that she has just been diagnosed with an illness. It could be a woman who devotes her time and talents to others with no thought of herself. And maybe she is simply a stay-at-home mom striving her best to tackle the tasks of being Mom. You see, there is a hero in the everyday woman. And I want to make sure that hero of a woman knows that. So, starting in the month of February, Paige Avenue will be asking for your help in honoring that woman defined above. We need you to nominate someone you know who deserves a little extra care. Tell us about who they are and why you feel they deserve somethin' special! You can keep them anonymous or share their name if you know they won't mind. It's up to you. Nominations will be open for the first 2 weeks of the month. After that, we will spend 1 week going through each nomination to choose a nominee. When a nominee is chosen they will be sent a care package courtesy of Paige Avenue and other contributing companies/donors that has been tailored to their needs. Then, if the person allows, we will honor them by doing a spotlight post to share their courage and goodness to inspire others to continue forging through this thing we call life. I really do love serving others, and want these women to know they are loved. Let's help them feel that! Please click here to fill out a nomination form. {All those who nominate someone will remain anonymous to the nominee unless we are notified otherwise:) } I love your guts! Paige


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