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May: Everyday Hero - Deena Broth

Posted on May 06 2016

This month - the month we celebrate all types of mothers everywhere - is so special to me. And I am proud to be honoring a woman and mother a follower of ours has nominated as the Everyday Hero for the Month of May. Meet Deena Broth. Deena is a young, single mom of two busy boys. She was in a car accident a few years ago that has made it hard for her to work. She is in constant pain. She doesn't have much family support and has felt the heavy burdens that come with raising children without a spouse and striving to provide for them alone. Deena was chosen as an everyday hero because although her life circumstances are not ideal, she is always willing to think outside herself and serve others. An attitude that surely should never go without notice. This nomination really hit home for me. Not because I know what it's like to be a single mother, but because I was placed in a situation as a teenager where my own mother became a single mother of 6 after her divorce. I recall the many late nights she spent putting herself through school, and the rigorous early mornings she put in to learn a new job and provide for her little family. At first, I remember feeling so perturbed that I didn't have time to spend with her like I used to, and was even given responsibilities to help care for my baby sister - a role that I had never been asked to step up to before. And my selfish 14-year-old self was not wanting to...well...give. I remember our first Christmas as a family without two parents, we were obviously struggling financially, and mom had told us not to expect much. Again, I felt put out and upset that I couldn't enjoy the same type of Christmas I had so thoroughly enjoyed throughout the years. My mind was so focused on the material things. And my mother, well I'm sure she couldn't help but feel emotional about the fact that she couldn't give her children the Christmas she wanted to, let alone pay the mounds of bills that were surely piling up. Until one day the love and service of a kind friend changed everything for our family that year. Mom was given a $2,000 check to spend on Christmas and unpaid bills. That day is still very vivid in my mind, and reflecting on it still brings tears to my eyes. Can you imagine a $2,000 check? Heck, anyone would die over such an amount. But it wasn't the 0's on the check that made this such a tender experience, but the fact that someone who was still a new acquaintance to our family was thoughtful enough to recognize the needs of my mother and her children. And kind enough to part with needs of their own to provide for ours. That never forgetful deed has forever been imprinted on mind and has become one of many catapults for my desire to give back. Looking back, I can't imagine the stress, heartache, and pain that my own mother must have gone through to rise to the new challenges she faced as a single mom. Nor can I understand what you single mothers go through today. All I have to say is, I love you. I love you and admire your courage. Don't give up. You keep going. Because your children are watching and one day, one day they will throw their arms around you and thank you profusely for the sacrifices you made on their behalf. The trial of being a single parent is a steep one, but I know that what you do is simply heroic and most of all - so incredibly needed. We love you moms, and those who mother even when they have no children of their own. Happy Mother's Day! <3  


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