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March: Everyday Hero of the Month - Sarah Hendrickson

Posted on March 08 2016

We apologize to everyone in advance for how far behind we have been on sharing our "honoring the hero in the everyday woman" series. We decided to move our February nominee to the month of March so she could get a full month of recognition. We also wanted to make sure that we had permission from our nominee first before sharing her strength with all of you. Meet Sarah Hendrickson Sarah is the mother to 3 children. A little boy, Owen, and 2 angel babies - Conor and Charlotte. On July 28, 2014- Sarah went into premature labor with her second son, Conor, at only 19 weeks. As you can imagine the stress of the early delivery placed an immense toll on little Conor's body and he passed shortly after coming to this earth. Nearly a year later, Sarah was 32 weeks with her third, a little girl, whom she had been told was dealing with a few complications. Sadly, Sarah had to once again experience a traumatic premature delivery via c-section and lost her little girl within the same day. Of course summing up these tragic events could never adequately describe what Sarah and her husband Chris had to endure. Nor can I put into words the strength Sarah has encompassed by tragically losing 2 babies within a year of each other. Sarah has a blog where she has shared what she has gone through and it brought me to tears. Please read her experiences here: (See the "popular posts" section) Sarah is an everyday hero because not only did she survive these tragedies, she continues on with faith and purpose. She continues to be a courageous mother to her little boy, Owen, and a loving wife to her husband Chris. I don't know Sarah personally, but I know that if anyone can get out of bed years after such an overwhelming tragedy, she is a heroine in my book. I have already learned so much from her honesty and her trials. We never know the true emotions behind what others go through. It is ALWAYS better to be kind. It is ALWAYS better to be understanding. And it is ALWAYS better to judge less and give more. I completely spaced snapping a pic of the little package we sent to Sarah. But it was well deserved and hope that she knows she is loved and admired, even from complete strangers. We want to give a huge thanks to our wonderful and dear friend Madi ( for sending us adorable quotes to send to our nominees and for the love and thought that was put into those. Thank you again to everyone who submitted a nomination- please, if you have not done so, learn when and how to submit nominations for the month of April here.


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