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June: Everyday Hero - Lorie & Lauren

Posted on June 01 2016

Sometimes, I wonder if doing our "Everyday Hero" of the month award is doing much good. But then I think of the story of the man who walked along the beach throwing starfish back into the ocean and when questioned why he would do such a menial task, he said "because I just made the world to that star fish, even if it's only one." Or something along those lines... And that's why we honor these individual women each month- not because we know it will change a nation, but because we know it will hopefully bring a smile to just one person that month. And then, I receive nominations like the ones selected this month, and I cry. I literally cry over how amazing these women are and how much I love them even though I don't know them. There is so much strength that is wrought in the silent chambers of the heart. Even if no one reads these every month, I am blessed by these women and their examples of resilience and positivity. As you know, we typically only select one nominee each month, but last minute I just knew that I needed to honor both of these women for the month of June. And so, here they are: LORIE (Normally we don't share who nominated who, but with permission, we are sharing that Lorie was nominated by her sweet daughter-in-law Meranda. We are grateful for Lorie and her example and her willingness to share things that are very personal to her and Meranda.) Meranda opened up to us and shared that as a child she was abused by her parents and was able to relate to her mother-in-law Lorie, because Lorie also experienced a similar situation as a youth. Lorie's daughter-in-law shared that she chose to nominate her mother-in-law because she thinks that Lorie believes she is no big deal, but shares that Lorie is the only real mother Meranda has ever had. Meranda goes on to say that Lorie has helped her overcome so much sadness and anxiety because of what Meranda endured as a child. Despite what Lorie went through and is still going through with her parents, she remains to be the kindest person Meranda has ever had the true pleasure of knowing. Meranda continues with the fact that Lorie never complains, or even shows if she is having a hard time. She puts everyone before herself. She even adopted another child who suffered abuse into her family to help give him a better life. To hear her 7 kids talk about her, is like listening to someone describe a funny angel. From Meranda: "I love her so much. She is the mother I've always wanted." Wow, you guys. If that isn't the definition of true motherhood, I honestly don't know what is. Lorie, thank you for welcoming your heart and home to those who need a safe haven. We honor you for your unending love, and emotional sacrifice. LAUREN Next up, meet Lauren - another wonderful mother who shows us what it means to have deep, unconditional love. Here is why she was nominated and a little of her story: From the nominator: "Lauren is one of the strongest people I know. She has faced a lot of problems and hardships, especially over the past three years, but has grown through them instead of being crushed by them. Three years ago, her son was born with multiple birth defects and continues to face many medical issues. Lauren takes care of him so well, pushing doctors to find a solution, taking him to every doctor appointment and physical/speech/occupational therapy every week. And, she's doing it all alone. Shortly after the birth of her son, Lauren's husband began to distance himself, and after finding out he had cheated on her several times and didn't want to reconcile, as well as going back to bad habits, they are now divorced. This hardship caused Lauren to move back in with her parents. But even through all this, Lauren has continued to be such a trooper and hasn't resorted to bitterness. She still lives with so much hope even though circumstances may seem grim." Every time I summarize what these people go through, I feel like it never does their experiences justice. How can you possibly understand what they go through, or how they can go through it with such optimism? All I have to say is these are the women who deserve to be recognized and honored as everyday heroes. Whether they know it or not, they make a mark on society and they deserve to know that their example is admirable. Their story is unique, and their lives prove that there is good in this world. We love you Lorie & Lauren. Thank you for what you do for those children. Please know that you are valued and never forgotten!


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