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Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Posted on December 03 2015

Fads come and go and I know I'm not the only one who dreads the "DI Pile" days. I'm talking about where you sift through the outrageous things you wore in high school and send it off to be sold for $1 secretly hoping no one buys it because it's just that hideous. I want to help you eliminate, or at least minimize those spring cleaning bits by guiding you towards building a wardrobe that will last. Now, there's nothing wrong with being in style or buying into each fashion - heck, that's what I'm selling - but there are always going to be staple items sold in stores that can last you through just about any fashion craze.

Below, I have broken down each category and inserted what I believe are wardrobe essentials that will create more than just one outfit. In a second blog post, I will dive deeper into how you can mix and match different items to create an entirely new look. But for now, here are the basics:


Tank Top - Work great as undershirts or cover ups

V-Neck (Short & Long Sleeved in Solid Color) - This type of top is classic and works well with any body shape

Round Neck (Short & Long Sleeved in Solid Color) - It's always good to have another type of neck line to work with different accent pieces

Collared Button Down - You can dress this up or dress it down. And they never go out of style

Blazer - Again, this is a timeless piece. Make sure it's a simple blazer that's fitted at the natural waist

Cardigan - Although the style of cardigans change often, a basic cardigan can be added to any piece of clothing

top essentials


Denim Skinny Jeans - I'm sure you know this by now, but you can wear a great pair of true blue denim skinny's with anything

Black Pants - I love black pants because they're slimming and very versatile

White Pants - Some may disagree with this, but white is ALWAYS in style

essential pants


Black Dress - I always think of Audrey Hepburn when I think of a black dress. A simple black dress makes a statement and flatters any body

Casual Midi/Maxi Dress - Anytime of the year, a sold midi or maxi dress can be styled up so many different ways

dress essentials


Pencil Skirt - From business dress, to casual with a tee, pencil skirts are always a winner

High-Waisted Skirt - Just so you know, high waisted anything is timeless. They are always meant to slim. (Make sure you refer to our body shape post to determine the best kind of high-waisted skirt for your build)

skirt essentials


Flats - This goes without saying. Multi-functional and comfortable

Heels - I used to never wear heels because I felt too tall, but a good pair of heels makes your legs look fab

Boots - Perfect for fall and winter

shoe essentials


Hat - I love that fedoras are in right now because they make any outfit look perfectly complete

Necklace - Go with a simple gold/silver chain and basic pendent. They can be worn with anything

Earrings - I like basic diamond or pearl studs, along with at least one pair of dangling earrings

Belt - Well, there's the obvious like using it for holding up your pants. However, belts make great accent pieces around your waist

accessories essentials


timeless patterns

DENIM, PLAID, LEOPARD PRINT, STRIPES (Vertical or Horizontal), FLORAL, (LEATHER, GRAPHIC TEES, LACE - other great classics)

I'm sure as you have gone through this, you realize you have many of these items. Of course, the pictures I have shared here are merely examples and can be altered to fit your personality and coloring. But I hope this has helped you get a better understanding of what essentials will help you create multiple outfits. Stay tuned for our next post where I will be addressing ways you can mix and match outfits, and suggest some great non-essential items for your closet.  


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