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April: Everyday Hero - Kim Halladay

Posted on April 05 2016

Last night as I was doing my first Periscope, I started talking about my mission with this series and totally choked up about it. I didn't realize how important it really is to me and my company and it gave me a renewed desire to be more on top of this!

This month, I want to introduce you to our April Everyday Hero - Kim Halladay. Her story is absolutely touching. I wish I could meet Kim personally and give her a big, fat hug. She has pricked my heart in a way I didn't know needed to be pricked.

Please read what was written about Kim below:

Tell us about your nominee Kim is a mother of four awesome kids aged 16, 13, and 11 year old twins. Her husband Mark suffered from an unexpected stroke 5 years ago. Mark was an extremely healthy person who was running half marathons before he suffered from his stroke, so as you can imagine it came as quite a shock. He was only in his early forties when this tragedy took place, and now lives in a home as he has suffered brain damage and is not the same person that Kim married. Kim and the kids visit him at least once a week, and Kim does whatever it takes to take care of her kids and give them every opportunity they deserve, despite monetary challenges with her husband's disability as he was the primary breadwinner.
What do you think makes them an everyday hero?
Kim is the best silent example of Christ like love that I know. She has ultimately lost the man that she married, but loves and takes care of him. She has more faith than any one I know and is the best mother to her kids who miss their father terribly. Through her challenges she has been such an example to me as she has completely relied on her faith in God to get her through it. She is one of my favorite people to be around, as she is happy and one of the funniest people I know despite it all. She serves and loves others, and is honestly one of my heroes. She silently goes about her days doing whatever it takes.    See, it's things like this that humble me. You truly never know the depth of battles others face. Kim, if you ever read this- I want you to know what I wouldn't give to come sit beside you, hold your hand through the hard times, and give you all my money (what little I have) to lighten your load. I'm being serious. There is something so real about your courage and strength that opens my eyes to what really matters in this life. I am blessed to know your story and experiences and I know that others who are reading this feel the same.

Thank you for being our everyday hero, Kim. You are loved!


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