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3 Reasons Why You Should Try New Styles of Clothing

Posted on November 19 2015

I know, I can already feel the anxiety you have just by reading this title. But if you've read Paige Avenue's three-fold mission (can be found here) you'll know that I'm all about offering unique items that can't be found in just any store. However, I realize that many of my followers are extremely hesitant to branch out of their clothing comfort zone. Don't worry, I was a once a non-brancher-outer. So here are 3 reasons why you should try new styles of clothing: 1. You'd Be Surprised by What Actually Looks Good On You  Growing up, I refused to wear long earrings. I was convinced they looked hideous on me and made me look old. One day, I decided I was finally going to give long earrings a try again, and whaddya know, I was hooked. The same goes with matching clothes. I was the matchiest person out there because trying to put outfits together seriously stressed me out. I couldn't see how a striped top would go with a floral skirt, it didn't make sense by all accounts. But I'm a believer now- and I love putting outfits together that I once would have never even considered. Now, I'm here to tell you that I'm a free woman because I faced my fear of wearing long earrings, and non-matching clothes. And you can do the same. Here's how you can do it: Start small. Pick out a top that works with your build and skin color, but is something that is a just a little outside your comfort zone. Bite the bullet and just get it. When you do, pair it with something that you already feel comfortable in and ask for opinions. I bet you'd be surprised by how many people notice that you're wearing something out of your norm and will gladly compliment you. If you're unsure of how to pair it with something, ask me. I'd be happy to provide you with honest feedback. 2. New Styles Can Lead to Better Fitting Clothes It's like a whole new world when you realize that you've been wearing 2 sizes too big for years. Most people who have insecurities with their body believe that wearing baggier clothing will make them feel more comfortable. (Even though the baggy style is in right now, it can still be done in a way that is tasteful and classy) However, baggy clothing done wrong can actually worsen your body image instead of accentuating your positive features. For example, although my father-in-law is not a woman, he would wear XL when he was actually a M-L. After convincing him to buy a shirt that was his true size, he looked skinnier and taller. Clothing that hits you in the right areas will give the appearance of a slimmer, leaner look. Whereas baggy clothing can make you appear larger and shorter. And don't you dare believe those myths that sweats, hoodies, and leggings are the only comfortable clothes out there. Here's how you can do it: Get out a soft measuring tape and measure your bust, natural waist, and the widest part of your hips. Pull up a general size guide and determine what your true size is. Once you know that, look for tops/bottoms that are going to help the best parts of your body. If you want to lessen your love handles, buy pants that are going to sit at your natural waist instead of your hips. This will actually eliminate a pouchy look. If you love the baggy style but want it to help instead of hurt you, find baggy tops that are still somewhat fitted in the arms/shoulders and somewhat in the bust area. 3. Confidence Comes From Knowing What Works Think about when you go to a restaurant you've gone to for years. Sometimes, it's scary to try new items on the menu because you know that BLT is always a good choice. But what happens when you do try something new and you think, why didn't I try this sooner, it's so much better than what I've always gotten? Or, maybe you do try new things and you go back to what you've always loved. Either way, when you branch out and try new things you have a much clearer vision of what works and what doesn't. Confidence comes through knowledge, and knowledge only comes through experience. So, don't be afraid to test your boundaries with clothes. Here's how you can do it: Grab a friend whose opinion you trust, and ask them to help you try new things. If you don't have a friend like that, ask me. I'd love to give my honest opinion. If you're shopping online and you're unsure of the item- you'll simply never know until you try it. At Paige Avenue, we will try our best to show you all the angles of the item and how it can be styled as well as letting you know how it fits. We also offer returns and exchanges here so you don't have to worry about being stuck with something you don't love. There you have it. 3 reasons why you should try new styles of clothing. Now, hop to it!    


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